Building a Webshop

On top of building a website, we can additionally provide your site with webshop functionalities. Since this proces can become reasonably complex, it is regarded as a package on top of the service of building a website.

We use Woocommerce for our WordPress webshops. Below, we provide some general information about the workings of this useful tool.


Your webshop is linked to the existing WordPress system, making all benefits also applicable to your webshop. For instance, think of the perfect basis for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the ability to enrich your shop with countless practical plugins and the neat integration of your webshop with the base site.

We work with Woocommerce due to its functiolity and capability of adjusting the base system to the needs of our customers.

Woocommerce is very popular due to it being a wide platform. Additionally, numerous plugins can be realised. Think, for instance, of payment provider Mollie, with which you may receive payments. Or a plugin that allows you to send orders to your customers.

The Woocommerce webshop is quite elementary to manage. Changing a product, adding a product image or modify the stock of some product is straightforward and quick.

Optionally, you can add your own preferred modules, applications and parts. This can be left to us when you would like to be guaranteed that this completes safely.

Woocommerce in short

  • Easily add and manage your products
  • Consult orders
  • Effortlessly include new payment methods
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