Building a Website

On this page, we will explain in brief how a website gets built at 101webwinkel. We hope that with this summary, you obtain some valuable insight in the process of how we realise your order for a new website!

The process in an overview

  1. Making an inventory
  2. Designing
  3. Building
  4. Testing
  5. Delivering

Making an inventory

In this phase, we first would like to get to know you some more. We discuss what you would like to be implemented on your site. Especially interesting to us is what your vision is, and what goals you have set out for the site. In this manner, we will collect the necessary information to build a website that accurately reflects your vision.


With all the gathered information, we will start designing a sketch of the site. In essence, we translate your ideas into online concepts for a WordPress template.


If you have greenlit the graphical design, we will start to truly build and develop your website. The website we build runs on WordPress, which is the most common CMS as of now, with more of 30% of all websites running on it. As one result, development is relatively cheap and changes are implemented easily.


After having build the website, said site needs to be extensively tested. We take care that everything runs perfectly on all common device types, such as your pc, tablet and mobile phone. You will obtain a link of this testing server during this step, so that you can track our progress and give any feedback.


In this last step, the remaining pieces of information will be checked, such as hosting, general information, and e-mail addresses. If the wesbite is finished, you will receive an introduction from us into the workings of the website’s Content Management System, or CMS, which in this case is WordPress. For instance, if you would like to add a new article, or change the text of some page, this is easy, cheap and can be done completely on your own.

Fully satisfied? Then your site will go live!

You naturally want to set goals, and also reach these. We can help you achive them. Examples include writing SEO texts: search terms with which you are found quicker in search engines, and which improve your site’s performance.

Besides this, we can arrange SSL certificates for you. After having delivered the site, it is moreover vital that it is regularly checked for potential updates. We do this so as to avoid problems on the website. A small bug or conflict in a plugin or theme can have a tremendous impact on your site. Most of these problems arise due to no or insufficient maintenance of a WordPress site.

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