The following rates apply for building and improving (WordPress) websites.

Rates for Sites

  • Basic site (€ 250,–). With this packge, you obtain a functional WordPress website with a secure connection (i.e. via HTTPS). The site has already been designed, although the contents only serve as dummy data.
  • Extended site (€ 500,–). You obtain the features from the basic package, but with its contents filled once with the data you specify. With this package, a site is, in principle, completely ready for deployment.
  • Webshop (€ 750,–). A special site with additional functionalities for running an electronic store (implemented using Woocommerce). If you would like to start your own electronic business, this is a great package to choose.

Rates for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Assistance

  • Basic.With this SEO assistance package, we will examine your WordPress pages and blog posts, en optimalise these for search engines wherever necessary.
  • Deluxe. You obtain the same features as those contained in the basic package, but we will utilise specialised premium SEO techniques that are not available using free SEO tools.
  • Supreme. This is the most luxurious package. All features from the aforementioned two packages are included. Additionally, we will issue a monthly report with our progress and give suggestions to further improve your search results.

We extend our SEO improvement services per amount of texts reviewed. The rates are as follows:

Amount of TextsRate (per month)
10€ 80,–
15€ 120,–
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